4 Things To Think About When Looking For A New Dentist

When a person loses a tooth, they are typically going to want to have it replaced as soon as possible — especially when it is one of their front teeth. Luckily, most dental offices are now equipped with the latest technologies, meaning that having a new tooth fabricated within a few hour’s time is absolutely possible. When it comes to getting a new tooth, however, there are many different dental options a patient can choose from — one of the most optimal one being the dental implant. The following are the top 5 reasons to get a dental implant.

You Have An Empty Space to Fill

If a patient breaks their tooth and is lucky enough to have sidestepped traumatizing the nerve, then a dental implant isn’t going to be necessary. Should their entire tooth break from the crown to the root, however, then their doctor is going to need to extract it in order to prevent infection and other complications. When a person has an empty space to fill in their mouth, their dentist is often going to recommend that they receive a dental implant in Lowell, as this is going to be the most ideal fix for their newfound issue.

It’s the Closest Thing to a Natural Tooth

One of the reasons why dentists often recommend dental implants to their patients is because they are the closest thing read more to a natural tooth. Unlike other fixes, which are either temporary or of the floating variety, dental implants are fixed and secure. This is because a dental implant is drilled into a patient’s alveolar bone, where it then integrates with the bone, becoming part of the body. This allows the crown that is then placed on the screw to feel as sturdy as any natural tooth. Moreover, implants look, feel, and function like a natural tooth, which is Website most advantageous.

It Has an Amazing Success Rate

Another reason why dentists often recommend having a dental implant placed is that it has one of the best success rates. Unlike bridges, which can sometimes fail, dental implants have a success rate of 98%, which is exemplary. Since dental work isn’t cheap, it is nice to know that one’s investment can last them a lifetime.

It Prevents Migration

When a person loses a tooth that cannot be seen when they smile, they often choose to do nothing about it, as they believe that there won’t be any consequences. What not many people know, however, is that having a an empty space in one’s mouth can cause migration, which is the result of teeth moving to fill in the space, causing dentitions to become crooked.

It Is Easy to Maintain

Also, tooth implants are extremely easy to maintain, as they can be cleaned just like a natural tooth.

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